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Aug 1, 2009

OMG! It's like totally for Grrlz!

This is a screenshot from Sony's new website promoting the lilac PSP to female gamers. The kit comes with a lilac PSP and the Hanna Montana entertainment pack.

I know game companies are trying hard to figure out the best way to market to the female gamer but web addresses like girlzplaytoo and ad statements like OMG Lilac PSP! makes us what to hurl. We're not bubble-headed bimbos, Sony marketing team.

Don't get me wrong. Purple is nice and teenagers like Hanna Montana (though I'll never know why) but the rest is insulting. Tone is down and try making it about personalizing our PSP or something to fit our style, rather than making us women should like valley girls.

[Via Wonderland Blog]


girliegeek said...

I'll stick with my limited edition sexy silver Crisis Core PSP thanks!

Faith said...

I wanted one of those, but I got just a plain black PSP instead. All they had at the time.