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Aug 2, 2009

It's Been One Long Crazy Journey

Feeling bored I decided to scan through all my old blog posts to read them and clean up anything like unused saved drafts. Working my way through all these posts from over three years of blogging made me realize just how long and crazy my blog days have been.

I started this blog to counter the negative tones in my job blog. I was really into watching G4techTV at the time and figured that gaming was probably the best hobby of mine to blog about.

My first post was on May 4, 2006 and it was titled "A Dying Nation of Nintendo Gamers". The post prediction was completely wrong which just proves I should never be a market trend predictor for a living.

Since that post, I have posted 1155 articles on my site which include 121 reviews and 350 videos. I still can't believe I played 121 games, let alone wrote that many reviews over 3 years. Obviously I know I've play more than 121 games in my lifetime but that number still makes you stop for a minute and think about all fictional characters I've probably killed in those 121 games alone.

Also over the 3 years I've worked for several gaming sites like Fan off, Destructoid, The BBPS, Gaygamer, Sugar Joy, and Red Assed Baboon. Today I work for Gamezebo and the Pulse Niagara, plus I write on a geek blog with my bf called Attack This.

I've met gaming celebrities like Tommy Tallarico, Victor Lucas, Kevin Pereira, Oliva Munn, Cliffy B and more during gaming events or online interviews. I think I even got a bit of fangirl drool on one or more of them too.

I've been only a few gaming events like Video Games Live, The Xbox & Sony Holiday Preview Events and the Fan Expo in Toronto, but they were still the best times I've had yet as a member of the gaming blogging community.

There has been bad times too through my blogging career like the crap with Kotaku, the passing of my Dad, and all the times I've had to quit writing jobs, but I press on never letting these things stop my little blog from continuing on.

I've been on TV three times for interviews and debates, both on CHCH TV and G4TV and even I admit I look like a nervous wreck all three times.

Somedays I feel I've had my 15 minutes and that my little blog has gone as far as it can, but other days I feel like this will never be all there is and I know I can go farther than this.

But whatever happens, I look back at it all and smile because I know that no matter what happens from here on out, I will always be proud of my little blog and what I've accomplished here.

[Picture created for me by Eric DeSantis]

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