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Aug 31, 2009

Fan Expo 2009: Videogame Cosplay - Part 1

Of course, what trip to a fan convention would be complete if we didn't take pictures of the cos-players. This is just a small part of the great costumes we found as Mike took over 600 pictures over the course of the day. I'll try to post all the videogame costumes we found as well as a few of my favorite non-videogame outfits over the course of the week.

Above: Nintendo Controller.

Custom design: Ash from Pokemon with Ash from Army of Darkness - Poor Mutilated Pikachu

Phantom Knight from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

World of Warcraft - Tauren - Danced to "Do You Want to Date my Avatar? by the Guild"

Cortana from Halo Series

Link, Midna and Twilight King from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Two Master Chiefs from Halo Series - Cortana was just off to the side. Great threesome, no?

Cortana from Halo Series - She looks different than her hologram depicted her. *cough*

Master Chief from Halo Series - This must be what the Chief would look like in his retirement.

Stay tuned for more pictures from the Fan Expo floor and the Masquerade. Thanks to Mike from Attack This for taking and editing all these pictures for us.

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