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Jul 3, 2009

In Arcade Games There are No Winners

Only people who keep popping tokens into the machine. So really its the arcade owner that wins.

I'm sure most of my readers know by now that I write a weekly gaming review article for the Pulse Niagara, which is a local paper in my area. In this week's issue of the Pulse Niagara, a Finnish artist, Maija Tammi had her photo piece featured which was a collection of pinball and arcade machines from Clinton Hill in Niagara Falls and Union Station in Toronto.

I've posted the photo above but forgive the bad quality as it is a scan and it is pieced together from two parts. I wish I could have gotten a better copy but the Pulse Niagara website didn't have a copy of the photo on there. I did manage to find one photo from this mix online.

Click the photo for a bigger version.

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