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May 20, 2009

Monkey Island Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

GAH!!!! NARF!!! SQUEE!!! *collaspes on floor from pure fangirl overload*

I'm sorry but it's been one of those months. First this and now I just found out that Monkey Island has been spotted on a Germany USK rating board as a "Special Edition Xbox 360 Re-Release" which means that Monkey Island is probably coming to Xbox Live Arcade or it could be coming out as an actual revamped game disc.

What the Special Edition means no knows is sure of, but speculation is that the game could be redone with better graphics or just come with a pretty poster in the box ... who knows, right?

This is great news, aspecially on the tail of the rumor that Lucas Arts is bringing back a old franchise like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. Who knows maybe this is the franchise they're bringing back and they're starting with a revamp of the original Monkey Island?


Michelle said...

Wonderful!, I would just lap this up if this were true, a wonderful excuse for me to play Monkey Island through again. :D

Faith said...

I would be downloading or buying it in a heart beat. I haven't played Monkey Island since I was in middle school