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May 12, 2009

Epic 8 bit Bead Art - Super Mario Bros. 3 Title Screen

SM3 Title Screen, originally uploaded by silvercityshane.

While I am slowly working on my own epic project in the background of my bead workshop (soon ....), this week I'm showcasing another one of my fellow bead spriter's epic art pieces finally complete after a long search for the perfect background.

Silvercity Shane decided to create the entire title screen from Super Mario Bros. 3 from beads but instead of wasting money on thousands and thousands of peach beads, he decided to just create all the objects in the pictures from the words to the floor tiles and then fasten them all to a large piece of wood painted peach.

The finished project looks amazing and I salute him on a job well done. I personally would love to hang that baby in my house but I'm sure he already has a few places picked out for it.

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ARCADE ART said...

Such an awesome piece thanks for highlighting it!