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Mar 25, 2009

Monkey Island Shoes

I have always wanted a sweet pair of gaming shoes and these would be the pair, if only they were available for purchase.

Maya Plisetskaya created these sweet Monkey Island Converse shoes from hand and what looks like paint. Unfortunately Maya's site is in Spanish, so I don't know the details behind the shoes, but they are still pretty to look at.


Anonymous said...

My Spanish is extremely rusty, but it doesn't seem too complex.

She used opaque Setacolor (a type of fabric paint) to paint over the cloth of the shoes. She 'wasted' (her words) a weekend making them, so she hopes that you guys all like them.

The link that she provides (http://elultimolugar.spaces.live.com) has a gallery featuring the painting process, for those who may be interested by it.

-Someone trying to justify 5 years of Spanish classes, nearly 10 years ago :)

Faith said...

Probably didn't take a good artist long. I would take forever just to mess up a good pair of shoes.