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Feb 16, 2009

The Girl Gamer Appears on ABC News.com

Franklin Huang from ABC News Medical Unit recently contacted me in regards to a story about women and videogames. The story was about recent studies that showed that women had become more involved in online gaming and were even clocking more hours online per week even though most were not reporting it.

During the interview, Franklin and I discussed my background as a gamer, my thoughts on relationships in gaming, why women some would be guilty about their gaming habits, and female gamers in general.

While I've never been a big fan of the mainstream media reporting on the gaming community, I figure maybe this could be my chance to get the word out about the real female gaming community. Unfortunately, the article was short and it only got a few of my points across.

What I really wanted to come across in the article is that a lot of women tend to game because online games are a social experience and you need to play with friends and boyfriends tend to be friends. Plus playing with people you feel safe with online is always a bonus, and who better than your boyfriend or husband.

I don't think women feel guilty about their gaming habits and never found anyone that ever suggested that to me.

All in all, I was happy to provide my view of the gaming community to Franklin and I hope I really helped him understand us Lady Gamers better.

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girliegeek said...

Happy to hear that we are breaking through and taking our rightful place in the gaming realm. while I still get asked if I am a "real girl" on WoW and if some guy is actually playing for me on CoD, I'm so glad to hear that you had to opportunity to get a message out there, even if you didn't get to say as much as you wanted!