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Dec 8, 2008

Epic 8-Bit Art: Chrono Trigger Bead Sprites

With Chrono Trigger back out on the Nintendo DS, it was long before I was sitting down to craft the full cast from this highly popular retro RPG.

Never having played the game myself, I've been excited to finally experience the game and see what everyone has been talking about for so many years.

If you like what you see, I'm selling these pieces on my Etsy store for $5 a character as magnets for your fridge. Just check out Pixelated Creations for all my wonderful videogame art work for sale.


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Anonymous said...

True - Chrono Trigger was a SNES / Super Famicom release, a 16-bit console. 8-bit was the NES / Famicom.

Excellent work, though.

Anonymous said...

I searched 8-bit in google and saw this, it's 16-bit like the others said. Girl gamers lol.