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Nov 13, 2008

Gadget Review Week: Halo Interactive Strategy Game

Halo Interactive Strategy Game

If you’re looking for a break from your controller, the Halo Interactive Strategy Game is the newest board game to combine the most popular videogame series out there and simple board game fun. Made by Genius Products and B1 Games, the Halo Interactive Game combines conventional board game play with audible and visual aids via an included DVD. The 3-D board can be constructed into several different stages, or users can create their own. Two or more players can form teams with 15 sculpted characters direct from the Halo series including the Arbitor and Master Chief.

Teams move around the board engaging in turn-based combat, which is aided by the included interactive DVD. The DVD features rendered action sequences to add further realism to the game and help the players along. Additionally, the Halo Interactive Strategy Game can be played in a variety of modes and levels for extended playability. Players can go toe-to-toe in some of their favourite modes from the game series; such as Capture the Flag and Slayer. While I found the rules a bit hard to follow at times, I think experienced Halo players will love this game and find it easy to play.

Available at Walmart and Toys R Us for $49.99 CAN

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