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Nov 18, 2008

Epic 8-Bit Art: Custom Mario Bros. Figures

Custom figures are becoming another huge fad that's been popping up all over the internet and of course, gaming always finds its way into these fads, much to my delight. Custom figures, if you're not familiar with the practice, is when people take regular action figures and remodel them to look like somebody else with new parts, paint, sculpting clay, etc.

Created by Ekoala, an artist I've featured on my site before, these custom Mario Bros. figures were made to be a little more realistic, I guess. The artist label the figures as the "Mushroom Kingdom on Crack" and that pretty much sums it up though, Toad looks like he's been hitting the juice too.

Luigi was made previous by the artist too.

You can check out more custom pieces from EKoala aka Kody Koala on his website.

1 comment:

Mark Bruno said...

I have a few friends that kit bash. Most of it is really cool. These custom Mario Bros. figures are borderline creepy, though. Toad looks like Vern Troyer in a Halloween costume :-)