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Oct 20, 2008

Epic 8-Bit Art: Lucas Arts Golden Oldies

I've been wanted to make some Lucas Arts sprite pieces for a while now and I've finally finished 4 big pieces from 2 of the best games in the Lucas Arts franchises.

The two pieces up above are Le Chuck and Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island 2.

These two are Sam and Max from Sam & Max: Hit the Road. I've already posted Sam on my site but I just finished Max a week or two ago and wanted to post them together.

Next I want to do the main characters and the tentacles from Day of the Tentacles but I can't find any more sprites than just Bernard to work with. If any one has any or can pull sprites from the game for me, that would be great.


nodnodwinkwink said...

Great work on these pieces, i hope they're hanging somewhere prominent.
If you havnt already got the sprites you want from DOTT ill see if i can, its been a while since i played it so this is as good an excuse as ill get.
Also, what are you making them out of? it kinda looks like sprayed cheerios :D

Faith said...

They are actually made from a material called Perler beads. You can find out more about them online.