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Sep 28, 2008

New Mirror's Edge Trailer: Faith's Story

EA and DICE released a new trailer that finally gives us more insight into the runner known as Faith. We find out a bit more about her family, her childhood and how the city came to be.

I love the animation style of the trailer and am so pumped for this game. As you all may have noticed I changed my banner to a newer depiction of Faith. I honestly don't think EA can get a better advertising for free.
While we're on the topic of Mirror's Edge, EA announced the game would be coming out on November 11, 2008 and there would be a special edition "Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag Bundle" that would feature a copy of the game and an exclusive Mirror's Edge runner's bag from Timbuk2. This bundle currently is available for pre-order on the North American EA website for $129.95

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