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Aug 18, 2008

Electric Playground launches new show: EP Daily - UPDATED

[UPDATED: It looks like EP Daily has replaced The Lab with Leo Laporte on G4TechTV, so expect to catch the show multiple times a day. The newer episodes should be on around 6pm or 8pm and run 30mins.]

With the crappy segments Attack of the Show has been feeding us lately, G4TechTV Canada has been ripe for its own version of a daily news show tailored just for geeks to come flying in to save the ratings.

Luck for us, Victor Lucas and Greedy Productions have the answer to AOTS's epic fail and it starts today. It's called EP Daily and it's a daily news show that plans to cover the latest in gaming, comic books, movies, TV shows, gadgets, toys & collectables, conventions, animation, music, web programming, and sports.

Don't worry though about those non-geeky catergory because all topics covered in the show will be made geeky. Athletes on the show will be talking about their newest videogame and musicians will be talking about their latest song or soundtrack in the a videogame.

EP Daily will be seen 5 days a week, Electric Playground will still be on one day a week, and in the Fall, a new show called EP Canada will also be launching that will profile talented Canadian working in the gaming, entertainment and tech industry.

The shows' coverage will also be expanding as perminant crews will start popping up in places like Toronto, Los Angeles, San Franciso, Montreal, and there is already a crew in Australia.

Finally all these shows will be available on G4TechTV and CityTV in Canada, and also available on G4TV.com and through G4's On Demand service in the US.

Unfortunately G4TechTV hasn't updated their schedule yet for Monday (I'm writing this on Sunday), so I'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for the new show today like me.

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