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May 6, 2008

SCEE Playstation Day: Mirror's Edge Trailer

At SCEE Playstation Day in London, EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Mirror’s Edge. EA is apparently claiming the trailer is showing real game play footage and if that’s true, well colour me impressed.

Mirror’s Edge follows the story of a runner, who is lucky enough to be graced with awesome name of Faith and works as a delivery girl who delivers important information in an alternative reality future that has become ultra paranoid about using electronic communications. She becomes a target of mysterious government forces when the information she carries becomes too important for her to deliver to its intended party.

Of course, Faith isn’t some damsel in distress as she’s able to kick some butt and take some names with some killer Matrix style moves. DICE also opted to not have Faith use guns in the game, but her enemies do, so gamers will have to choose between fight or flight tactics when faced with the oncoming projectiles.

The trailer sports a moment where Faith is balancing on a pipe as she makes her way across it and I’m thinking the developers might use moments like this to use the SIXAXIS controls for the PS3 version, much like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune did. God, I hope not.

No release date has been announced for the game yet, but the game will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows when it does hit the market.

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Ry-Tron said...

skeptical until I saw the trailer. The game is a must buy for me now. Gotta love it when developers introduce new and interesting mechanics instead of making their guns glow purple instead of the blue or red used in other FPS games. Or is this First Person Parkour?