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May 2, 2008

The Haze Experience: actually cool experience

Run faster, punch harder, shooter better, and be the ultimate soldier. Join us and fight the good fight!

Today Ubisoft rolled out the Haze Experience Site, so gamers could get a glimpse into the world behind their soon to be released game, Haze. It features sound bites, a commercial for Mantel Corp. and a flash game where you get to juice up on nectar and shoot rebels.

The game so far looks pretty promise, but I worry that the Mantal Corp troops will always have an unfair advantage with the drug to boost their stats on, while the rebels have to rely on tactics to win. Works well if you prefer tactics or all out assault, but I tend to shoot and run a lot, so I'm going with the drug users on this game.

Look for Haze on store shelves on May 22th.

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