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Apr 28, 2008

Wacko Jack Finally Chimes in on GTA IV

Jack is back! Jack Thompson jumped back in the saddle one day before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV to carry on his battle against the evil that is Take Two. Jack has written a letter to the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, R. Alexander Acosta demanding that legal action be taken against Take Two and retailers for selling the game .

Ars Technica received a copy of Wacko Jacko's letter and posted the following on their site:
"Indictments should be returned against Take Two corporately and its Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, along with other Take Two officers. Indictment should also be against Sony and Microsoft which are making this pornographic game available to minors, and openly so, on their PS3 and Xbox systems," Thompson wrote. "Further, indictments should be handed down against Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, and all other retailers distributing this game to minors at their retail stores, openly, to kids who are only seventeen."

He then compares the game to, of all things, polio. "Grand Theft Auto IV is the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio. We now have vaccines for that virus... The 'vaccine' that must be administered by the United States government to deal with this virtual virus of violence and sexual depravity is criminal prosecutions of those who have conspired to do this. If you doubt me, look at the aforementioned streaming audio/video. It will make you sick."

Apparently Jack also provided a link to a video on IGN.com to a video called "The Ladies of Liberty City" as proof of the game being full of nothing but sex and violence, but Jack fails to mention that this video is all clips put together by the team at IGN.com, that only shows the nasty portions of the game.

GTA IV has tons more content available then just killing and screwing hooker and strippers and players can even avoid those portions of the game completely if they wish, so really who cares if it's in there.

Of course, Jack is dead set on going after Rockstar, but if regular media goes after GTA IV like they did Mass Effect, they better do their research this time, because Rockstar is prepared to defend their game. They were smart to avoid any nudity this time around and they put a morals system in the game, so players now have to deal with the consequences of their choices. You can choose to play Niko like a criminal with a heart of gold, much like Tony Soprano but with less pasta.

I doubt anything will come legally from Jack Thompson's side, because he has his own problems, but hopefully the Fox News hounds will behave too and won't rally any other nut jobs with a degree to their side.

[Via Ars Technica]


Mysour said...

Did you hear about his letter to Strauss Zelnick's mother?


Ry Tron said...

Still on the fence about this one, though, everyone I know that has a PS3 got the game last night. At the very least the multiplayer is probably fun...? Might be time to convert the RBC rewarrds points into a futureshop gift card...