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Apr 30, 2008

Nintendo Teaches People How to Drive?

From Disney World Guides to this?

DreamCatcher Games and JoWood Productions announced today that they will be developing the Drivers Ed Portable for the Nintendo DS, which will allow teens worldwide to prepare for the written portion of their driver's licence examination, customized to the country, state or province in which they live.

“Nintendo DS is proving to be an exceptional platform for delivering all types of content, not just traditional games,” says Brian Gladman, Global Product Marketing Manager at DreamCatcher. “Everyone needs to study for their driving test, and we’re confident lots of teens will enjoy having a fun way to study the material on a platform they are comfortable with.”

Drivers Ed Portable will feature two modes: Test and Train. Test mode will include sample tests for the written part of the driver’s license examination for all 50 US states, 13 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. User progress will be tracked, so the player will know where they need to improve their study in order to be successful in their actual test. Train mode will include three fun and educational mini-games targeted to new drivers.

This game will make a good reason for teenagers around the world to play with their Nintendo DS during class now. "Mr. Johnston, what are you doing with that gaming system in class?!" "I'm preparing for my driver's exam, Mr. Hinkey"

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