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Apr 10, 2008

My Newest Etsy Pieces - Contains Pixelated Nudity

I've been still working on my Perler bead sprites here and there and these are the newest pieces I've added to my shop in the last month.

I've added Space Invader Key Chains for only $2 a piece. They come complete with a metal bead chain and metal key ring.

I've added a Poke Ball bag tag for $4 that also comes with a metal bead chain.

And finally I made this River City Ransom Spa Hanger for your bathroom. Hang it from the door or the wall to complete your own gamer spa. Alex is shown toweling his little behind off, just like in the game. Available with hanger for only $5.


Josh Miller said...

I've used those beads before. Do they actually hold up to being a keychain? They never seem real durable when completed. Or is there some sort of reinforcement done. I made a slick Decepticon Logo once I'd love to convert into a keychain.

Faith said...

I tend to iron them longer for better durability. They last longer that way. Plus the more beads in the piece the better they stand out to wear and tear.

Minnie said...

i found these while searching for space invaders crafts. i've never heard of the perler beads but they look great and work so well for the 16bit crafter.
blogged: http://indiecrafts.craftgossip.com/2009/01/14/invaders-from-space/