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Apr 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! Beware the GTA FLU!

Today's my birthday and millions of people are suffering from the GTA IV Flu.

Kind hard not to feel small, when every gamer you know cares more about the GTA launch then the celebration of your birth. Stupid Niko. Gets more attention than me today.

I'm home today too, not because I got the GTA Flu though; I'm home because my back is screwed up and I'm still experiencing problem with weird stomach pains.

So I'm spending my b-day flat on my back and not in a good way. I find some way to still shove some cake down my throat though. ;)


theeriver said...

Happy Birthday, I hope you feel better. Made me laugh a little when you were on your back, but not in a good way. I been reading your blog for a bit, and I find it very enjoyable. Take care.

Grim Santo said...

Happy Birthday!

That Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

MC said...

happy birthday... if I had a next gen console, I'd likely have the GTA IV Flu as well so I am immune to it at the moment.

*resisting a "The Cake is a Lie" related joke here*

saki-waki said...

Happy-Happy Birthday!! Sorry to hear about your back, is that really your cake? LUCKY!

Faith said...

Not my cake, wish it was. :(