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Apr 1, 2008

Everybody loves April Fool's Day

Running through all the major videogame web sites and blogs, I found that everybody was getting into the spirit of things and though some gags were better than others, I was just glad to see that gamers can always have a good sense of humour.

Me .... I'm too sick to be in mood to pull a prank. The Qwest customers I talked to on the phone today are just lucky I didn't hang up on their annoying butts and then yelled "April Fools!"

So my fav today was Destructoid:

They turned the entire site into Foxtoid for the day complete with spoof right-wing, nut bar, videogame hating articles. Now that's dedication to your joke. I really loved how they included a long running scandel on one of the Destructoid community members and a real interview with Jack Thompson.

Game Spot had a fake front page that had stories like how Disney was buying the rights to Hobo boxing for a gaming series, how Rock Band for the PSP was being released and there was even an interview with David Jaffe that included a lot of swearing. I was disappointed to see that once you clicked on a story, they all took you to the real front page and you couldn't read the fake stories.

IGN.com had a cool fake trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie that was apparently coming to the big screen and as cool as that idea was, the actual trailer looked terrible. Nice effect IGN, but I'm glad it's fake.

Think Geek had Super Pi Pi Bros. for the Nintendo Wii, which was a fake game where players could put on a wii remote with a strap-on to play a peeing wii game. Of course, the product was fake and the order button took you to a Happy April Fool's Day page.

Kotaku had all games cakes stories. 1Up.com had a story about Halo Lego. 4 Color Rebellion had changed their name to 3 Color Rebellion and changed all the pictures on the site to look like those old 3D books you could buy as a kid with the cheap little 3D glasses.

The stories running through the web including a fake World of Warcraft DS game, World of Warcraft: The Molten Core, coming from Blizzard web site directly and I love that they included a sweet trailer with the press release too.

There were rumours of Wii remote driven cars, Master Chief being visible from the stars, and then there's my favorite, the video featuring Jade Raymond as she introduces the next chapter in Assassin's Creed. Apparently that chapter takes place in Metal Gear Solid 4 ... ? How cool is that sh*t?

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MC said...

The thing I liked from the fake Gamespot front page was Zork HD... that was a classic gag.