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Mar 3, 2008

Retro Gaming Stickers: my secret stash

Small fact about my childhood: When I was in school, we had a different item to collect each year as a ongoing fad. Grade 5 it was marbles, Grade 6 it was stickers, Grade 7 it was pogs and in Grade s it was magic cards. I gave up on the fad collections once Magic: the Gathering cards started up, but I did fall into sticker, marble and pog fads.

Last night I was going through some old binders looking for a scrap book to use for my Pulse articles and I came across my old sticker books. Flipping through the pages I found a bunch of old videogame stickers for PacMan, Popeye and Mario Bros. I decided to scan them and post them for all my readers to see.

The top stickers actually came from Nintendo Power I think. I even found some old controller decals in my sticker book but they weren't that great, so I didn't scan them. Anyhoo, enjoy the retro goodies.

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