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Feb 24, 2008

Maze of Fate DS Goes Gold

REDWOOD CITY, CA—January 22, 2008 -- Leading video games publisher and developer Signature Devices, Inc. (www.signaturedevices.com) (Other OTC: SDVI.PK - News) and their wholly owned video game development and publishing subsidiary Graffiti Entertainment, LLC (www.GraffitiEntertainment.com) announced today that they have gone gold with Mazes of Fate DS, an Action-packed Role Playing Game (RPG) for the Nintendo DS. Graffiti Entertainment will ship the fully 3D title into the North American market on February 26, 2008.

“Mazes of Fate DS remains an amazing and timeless piece of work. Gamers will be very pleased with the way this new version pushes the power and versatility of the Nintendo DS,” said Kenneth Hurley, CEO of both Signature Devices and Graffiti Entertainment. “Mazes of Fate DS provides an incredibly immerse 3D experience that Nintendo DS players will relish.”

“We’ve put our hearts and souls into modernizing the look and feel of Mazes of Fate DS,” said Javier Otaegui, CEO of Sabarasa Entertainment. “We’ve created a game that takes the hardware to a new level. We’ve achieved a 3D environment that looks great and is a lot of fun to play as well. Mazes of Fate DS has a powerful dramatic plot… it is a unique 3D first person RPG that combines cutting-edge 3D technology with immersive game play.”

Features that are unique to Mazes of Fate DS for NINTENDO DS:

Re-imagined quests, dungeons, characters, and 4 new player avatars, along with several quests that spread along the complete game, take advantage of the power and versatility of the Nintendo DS. The main dungeon mode will feature the 3D view on the bottom screen, allowing for direct interaction with elements -using the stylus- (opening doors, pulling levers). All game screens will accommodate use of the stylus, and the top screen will feature a bigger version of the automap.

Taking full advantage of the power of the Nintendo DS, Mazes of Fate DS is a blend of 3D environments with 2D global maps. The 3D environments feature 360 degree “free look” and movement controls. All dungeons, monsters, elements, and items are animated in 3D. Mazes of Fate DS pushes the capability of the Nintendo DS, providing a perk for those gamers looking for something special this February.

"Role Playing Games are one of the most exciting and stable genres for video games. 'Mazes of Fate' for Nintendo DS provides players a 'traditional' RPG through fifty different levels, with the unique and immersive bonus of fully 3D environments which the player can freely navigate through. There is no question that this game will provide even the most avid gamers with many hours of intriguing entertainment," said Kenneth Hurley.

Get ready gamers: 'Mazes of Fate DS' for Nintendo DS ships February 26, 2008!

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