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Jan 2, 2008

Bringing in the new and remembering the old.

2007 was good year and it ended even better than it started.

I was in a crappy job I hated and was making no money at in January 2007 and now in January 2008, I have a crappy job that I make no money at but the difference is I'm happy in this job. I spend hours surrounding by videogames and toys. I love it.

Some days I want to steal a giant stuffed dog from the floor and just sleep on it in the break room. They're so big and fluffy.

This year was a good year for games. My personal favorites for the year in no certain order are:

1. BioShock
2. Puzzle Quest (XBLA)
3. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends
4. Final Fantasy XII
5. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
6. The Orange Box
7. Viva Pinata
8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
9. My Sims
10. Blue Dragon

Games I want to play soon that I missed out on this year:

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Overlord
3. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
4. Mario Party 8
5. Zak and Wiki
6. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
7. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
8. Assassin's Creed
9. Mass Effect
10. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune/Heavenly Sword (I need a PS3.)

This was a good year for bunnies. DAHHHHH! I finally got a little Rayman Rabbids button that screams when you touch it. THANK YOU, COLETTE AND NIERO! Still need my plushie though.

I bought tons of neat videogame action figures: Resident Evil 1 & 4, Zelda: Twillight Princess and Final Fantasy X/X-2. I got a moogle and chocobo plushie. More t-shirts than ever. Plus I got on a t-shirt.

Finally got to a videogame event, X'07 and I miss you, Ryan (Cosbytron).

My nieces are gamer. My little niece was playing with her Gameboy at Christmas. Super Mario World 2 ... the memories. I'm glad to see future gamers enjoying the classics. So they be graduating to Final Fantasy games. *tears* so beautiful.

Hopefully 2008 holds more opportunities for me with Destructoid, and with new and better day jobs.

I wish everyone at Destructoid a safe and happy 2008. May your games be entertaining and long, may your system never crash and may you never run out of extra lives in any game, especially the one called life.

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