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Dec 21, 2007


Whether its a bunch of tabletop Dungeons and Dragons players or a bunch of extreme Guild War MMORPG players, role players are generally just nuts. Have you seen the costumes people wear at Blizzcon? I mean talk about mom's basement scary.

So no one should ever release them on a Christmas Nativity scene, unless they want some scary cosplay to happen. Matt Burnett and Ben Levin from For Tax Reasons knew this already and created a role-playing themed cartoon for the holiday season that spells out the disaster that is public theater and LARP players.

Look for the Final Fantasy and the Army of Darkness references.

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Anonymous said...

LULZ! I was laughing out loud watching when I heard "Mary! Get to the back and cast Heal Spells!"

Hey, great blog you have there. I stumbled on it while looking for pixelated Super Mario Bros characters. I am in this phase where I tend to make pixels out of physical objects. Great job on the beads!