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Oct 23, 2007

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna from Art FX

It's kind of a dark picture, but the flash kept reflecting in the box. This is the newest Final Fantasy piece that I recently bought off of eBay. I got it for a steal at $9.00! So far, she's the only Final Fantasy figure I own. I have a Chocobo and Moogle doll. And I have Resident Evil and Legend of Zelda figures too.

I plan to collect Final Fantasy X character first and then try for FFVII and FFVII. FFIX characters would be nice, but they're hard to find. SquareEnix needs to create figures from Final Fantasy VI based on the artwork, not the game sprites. Those would be cool.

Til then though, I have my growing collection of Final Fantasy VI fused bead art.

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