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Oct 23, 2007


The Classic Strategy Saga Makes Its Debut in North America

LOS ANGELES (October 23, 2007)
– Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix™ interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that FRONT MISSION®, the exciting turn-based strategy game developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, is now shipping to retail outlets across North America.

The origin of the FRONT MISSION series has been localized for North America for the first time in this classic handheld saga. FRONT MISSION introduces exciting new features, such as dual screen presentation and multiplayer modes, that update the classic that gave birth to seven renowned sequels. Utilizing Touch Screen functionality, players command a squad of customizable mechs known as wanzers and direct them through turn-based skirmishes across the battlefields of the 21st century.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to present FRONT MISSION to our North American audience,” said producer Koichiro Sakamoto. “We have recreated this classic masterpiece utilizing dual screen presentation and stylus-driven controls, allowing players to experience the intuitive gameplay in a whole new way.”

FRONT MISSION focuses on the conflict over Huffman Island, located in the neutral zone between two superpowers known as the Oceania Cooperative Union (O.C.U.) and the Unified Continental States (U.C.S.). Players can experience the Second Huffman Conflict from the perspective of Royd Clive, the leader of the O.C.U. mercenary outfit “Canyon Crows,” or Kevin Greenfield, the commanding officer of the U.C.S. Special Forces squad “Black Hounds.” Through intense missions against wanzers, tanks, attack helicopters, and giant mobile weapon platforms, the true motives behind the war over Huffman Island will be revealed.

FRONT MISSION has been rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and will be available at retailers for a suggested retail price of $34.99. For more information on FRONT MISSION, please visit http://na.square-enix.com/frontmission/ For more information about the ESRB please visit www.esrb.org

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