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Sep 25, 2007

G4 TV has got a secret ...

Apparently G4TV in the US has a big announcement they plan to reveal this Thursday night during their show, Attack of the Show. No word yet on what it could be, but most believe that G4 will be going to HD format for all their shows.

Does Cheaters come in HD? Sorry about that. Some shows on the network have already switched to wide screen format and HD could be a possibly, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an all Tech channel again. Canada's G4 is still all tech and its much better than way.

Stay tuned to G4 this Thursday at 7:20pm est to watch for this big announcement. The biggest announcement G4 has ever released!

[Via G4TV]

1 comment:

Johnny Wadd said...

This just in......G4 sucks!