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Sep 3, 2007

The X'07 Blackout: Yeah, that was me ...

Believe or not, I think the power loss at Microsoft's X'07 event was my fault or something, cause this damn blackout is following me around. Friday night at work, it happened again.

I get to work and after about an hour, suddenly the bar goes dark ... no music, nothing. And then the power comes back on but only slightly. The black lights, bar lights, microphone, TVs, promo DVD player and strobe lights were working but nothing else. No house lights, no music and no bar register, so no hard liquor or draft beer for sale.

This was fine by me cause I just pulled out my Nintendo DS and started playing Final Fantasy but then an hour later, the rest of the power goes out and now everyone is scrabbling to light candles and setup a ghetto blaster with batteries to play some music from the radio.

Now, I can't see a damn thing to keep playing and so I cave and go hang with some regulars.

It took Niagara Hydro two hours before they fixed the problem, which apparently happened when a raccoon jumped on a power line.

Talk about weird, eh? I never thought two power losses where possible in the same week unless it was storming out or something.

So everyone who went to X'07 can blame the power loss on me, cause apparently it was following me around or something. Sorry.

If it makes anyone feel better, I have a cold now.

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