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May 22, 2007

Jack Thompson needs a new hobby

I've really wanted to post this picture for a long time and this is a good as time as any. Created by Mike Thompson aka Boy of Tomorrow from Gay Gamer.net, this comic is pure genius and I love it. This is going up on the fridge, Mike.

Today Destructoid.com posted about how Jack "Isn't getting laid" Thompson is now suing Microsoft over the release of Halo 3. Jack demands that Microsoft uses their marketing team to ensure that no person under the age of 17 downloads or buys a copy of Halo 3 or Jack will sue them.

Jack, did you ever hear of a little thing called the ESRB Rating system? Well that's a committee that rates each and every video game sold in stores, so that Mommies and Daddies know what games are appropriate for their kids and stores selling the games never sell a game to a child that isn't old enough to play the game.

If this ESRB rating isn't enough for you be satisfied with, then maybe you should start a campaign to make parents aware of what the ESRB rating is and that they should follow its guidelines when buying games for their kids. The game industry is putting the ratings on the games and the stores are suppose to be following the guidelines of those ratings for selling them to specific ages, so in most cases, if a game gets into the hands of an underage child, well then Mommy or Daddy bought it for them.

Besides Microsoft has a age verification system on the official Halo 3 website before the game has even been rated, so more than likely the game will get a teen rating or higher. Isn't that enough, Jack?

Seriously dude, get yourself a hooker and get some action for once. This gaming violence obsession isn't healthy. Maybe you should see a doctor about it.

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WldCard said...

Just a quick FYI. The Destructoid article was referencing a piece up at Game Almighty:


As the author of the original piece, I've been dealing w/ Jack all week about this. You think the letter is bad? Wait 'til you hear what's happened behind the scenes.