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Sep 23, 2006

Vote for your Favorite Sidekick of all Time!

Truly Sorry that this Webpoll is going up so late, but things have been nuts around here lately and I finally got some down time to post the webpoll.

This time I'm searching for the Top Ten Best Video Game Sidekicks ever and I need your help to find them by voting for your favorites.

The webpoll is located in the right sidebar and will be available for voting for two weeks. Every day you can vote again as I will open the polls each day to allow for multiple votes.

After 2 weeks I'll check the votes and post the top ten sidekicks for viewing.

Usually I post pictures of the nominanees but this time I'll have to do it over the two weeks, because time is limited and blogger isn't posting pictures all the time right now. Beside if you're voting for the sidekick, then you better know who and what they look like anyway.

Anyhoo Good Luck to the winners!


God Len said...

your blog seems lonely... I hope my one post here helps out. And go seifer!

Walter said...

I voted for Cortana yesterday but could not post a comment so I voted again today. I like Cortana she's very heh heh helpful.

Nahu said...

Wow thats one big poll! And its still missing oh so many characters :P hmm just an idea though. Why dont you do it in several polls? as a form of battle of the sidekicks, kinda like they do it at gamefaqs; because otherwise i dont think such a big poll will give clear results.

P.S. and the poll needs frog from chrono trigger :P

Anonymous said...

clearly its the blue dude from contra