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Sep 25, 2006

Win a Free Copy of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter!

Welcome to the first ever contest on "The Girl Gamer"!

I'm giving away a free PC copy of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter to the winner of my game riddle contest.

The contest goes as follows: the first person to come up with as many correct answers to the ten game riddles wins. All entries will be received via email and the contest will run til October 9th, 2006.

Each riddle is a video game character giving clues about himself and his game, and you have to name who that character is and the game they appear in. There are 3 clues for each riddle and 10 riddles in all.

Good Luck!

Riddle #1
- I use my cane as a pogo stick and as a golf club in my game.
- I'm like indiana jones but shorter and with feathers
- Niagara Falls is one of the locations I head off to in my game.

Riddle #2
- I tend to be a loner, but now I travel with a cute white haired girl.
- I have to deal with 4 annoying masks ever so often.
- I live my life by the wheel.

Riddle #3
- I spend a lot of time talking to chickens
- I work hard to get money for my operation
- I'm very environmental friendly - just ask my ammo

Riddle #4
- I want to date outside my species
- I hate italians
- I have 7 kids, but no known wife

Riddle #5
- I spend a lot time playing with balls
- For such a young kid, my mom still lets me travel the world without adult supervision
- My favorite pet is pretty shocking

Riddle #6
- I spend a lot of time in mansions
- My two roommates are out of their time
- I alway seem to fit a lot of items on my person

Riddle #7
- I spend a lot of time with fairies
- Masks have a huge effect on me
- I have Deja Vu a lot.

Riddle #8
- I spend my free time with my homies, my hoes, and beating on hookers
- I can drive or fly anything with the right training
- I love to eat fast food

Riddle #9
- I've witnessed singing poo
- I've bounced on a flower's boobs once
- I've lived through a world war

Riddle #10
- My dad isn't proud of me and my special ability
- I know a dentist that removes more than teeth
- You could say my camp couselors are really open minded

Send all your anwers to faithnaked@yahoo.ca

1 comment:

Jayeugene said...

I submitted, when does the contest end? or are you going to just stop when the first person gets it right?