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Aug 14, 2006

I want to have sex with Carmen Sandiego

Rev Anthony from Destructoid.com posted a great article about his love for the lovely Carmen Sandiego.

Read why she's the PC world's greatest women.


bingo websites said...
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Anonymous said...

How can you promote this stuff? Seriously? I just don't understand how women can applaud the blatant objectification and disrespect shown to other women in the video game industry. Apparently even Carmen San Diego isn't safe.

Faith said...

God, the author is making a joke. Take a chill pill. Besides she's not real - she's a fictional character.

PaperRockScisorz said...

Oh my! Someone wants to bang a female game character who is not only covering her entire body but covering it in layers! :O I suppose Faith sould have posted about the millions of guys who instead express their sexual desire for the girls of beach volleyball games.

How disrespectful that a male should be attracted to and want to have sex with a female! Pervs!

<3 you Faith! :)