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Aug 15, 2006

Gaming News From the Ladies

I decided to post a few new weekly articles on my site to go with the Industry Hunk of the Week.

Gaming News From the Ladies (Better title in the works - please post your suggestions) will be a weekly post that links different articles I find from Girl Gamer sites.

These are this week's great finds.

* Sweetdelights over at Girl Gamers posted an article about a cool gaming contest for all those Xbox 360 online players.

* Geek Woman over at Lady Gamers posted an article about how games are good for your health. Now that's an article that I like to read!

* Nikki Douglas over at Grrl Gamer posted an article called The future of games does not include women.

* Ryan Cook over at Gamer Girls Unite posted an article called Videogames made me do it.

* Valkyrie over at Frag Dolls posted an article called To Gank or not to gank.

* Jane over at Game Girl Advance posted an article called Shame on you, G4.

Enjoy these articles and remember to support gaming in all forms.


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