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Jul 31, 2006

My Top Five Worst Games Ever

1. Grand Theft Auto series

Okay, yes these games were unique and innovative. Yes, they had this huge city to play in without any loading times during your trip around the city, and yes, the graphics were great. But I still hate these games. Each game is one big stereotype, the missions are damn near impossible, and the save points are inconvenient. Plus my idea of fun is not beating on hookers, carjacking taxis, or listening to stereotypical fag characters scream as I beat them with a baseball bat. I don't have anything against games like this being played. Adults are entitled to their mature rated games, but I personally don't like playing this kind of crap.

2. X-Men Legends

Let's see: the graphics looked like something of the Super NES, the character voices were horrible and the game AI was like watching a bunch of retarded super heroes run around after eating too much sugar. I played this game for 15 minutes and then shut it off, because it was so bad. Only good thing about this game is that I paid ten bucks for it and got a trade in value of fifteen bucks. Score five bucks for me.

3. Shadow of Rome

This game had promise, until I realized there was no in game tutorial, no instruction manual and the worse health item system ever. You apparently needed to pick up food you find throughout the game and quickly press the A button to eat it as fast as possible to regain health. The game doesn't tell you this and if it did I missed that point, because I died like crazy and don't remember even finding food in the game. The controls were impossible and the graphics were even worse. You end up walking through people in battle and missing your opponents all the time, because your sword goes through them like ghosts without making contact. I got rid of this game after only playing it twice. Heck I couldn't even play this game after using the Game Shark to cheat.

4. Goblins

This was the point and click game of evil. I was addicted to it, because I couldn't actually pass the second level without cheating. The puzzles weren't easy at all, and yet it looked like a kid’s game because of its funny cartoon like graphics. Those evil Goblins will forever tease me in my nightmares and all because I couldn't finish that pain in the butt game! Worse of all, I played it in the days before the internet and game sites like GameFAQ.com. I was doomed from the start.

5. Shadow of Destiny

What a piece of rendered crap this was. Thankfully I bought it used, but had I actually paid good money for this garbage I would have been peed off. This game had a neat concept of being able to travel through time to change the events of the present, but the game play was slow, the graphics crappy, and being able to actually figure out what to do was impossible. Plus if you made the wrong move in the past, you died because you caused yourself from being born in the future, so something that effect.


Big D said...
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Johnny Wadd said...

re: grand theft auto

I don't see where you get the missions are damn near impossible, while some are difficult i would hardly class them as unpassable. Secondly, save points in the game are determined by u, all you need to do i drive to a location and save...few and far between, um no.
As for the stereotypes, i've found that they exist for a reason.

MC said...

I dislike the clunky controls of the old Resident Evil games, so I think we are all entitled to hate a major series(and you know how I stand on GTA by now)