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Jul 31, 2006

My Ten Top Favorite Games Ever

1. Final Fantasy X

I actually bought a PS2 just to get this game. I remember how cool it was to hear Final Fantasy characters talk for the first time. The storyline was so in depth and the graphics were incredible. I love how you could switch out characters for another one at any time, instead of going to a save point to change your party. I love the whole Final Fantasy series, but if I had to just pick one, this is the one I loved the most.

2. Shadow Hearts

I picked this game up at a trade in store for like $20 bucks (Canadian) and it was one of the best buys ever. This RPG still had the fun of the Final Fantasy games, but the game actually had some of its own unique elements which I liked. The judgment ring system was hard to get use to, but once I did, it was easy to master. The characters were great and Yuri, the main hero had this great twisted sense of humour which I loved.

3. Day of the Tentacle

I grew up on Lucas Arts game, and this was definitely the best one. The humour of the game and the cartoon graphics made this so damn funny to play. My favorite quote is Laverne talking about how a microwave can really pop a hamster. I actually downloaded a copy of this and set it up on my computer with dosbox just to play it. The sound is a little screwy though, so I may have to download scumm instead.

4. Super Mario Bros. 3

This had to be the best game in the Mario series. The graphics were incredible at the time for the Nintendo system and the game kept me playing for hours. I love playing as Mario in the shoe or the frog suit. The two player game was great as well; because you could have any easily pick up the game and play with you. I remember playing one time, and somehow ended up with an inventory full of p-wings. I still to this day don't know how I got them.

5. Dragon Warrior

This game was my first RPG and the beginning of my obsession with RPGs. My mom got me a subscription to Nintendo Power long with my NES system and this game came free with it. I remember being so mad when my sister finished the game before me. I still play the Dragon Warrior series today as I just finished Dragon Quest 8 a week ago. My favorite enemy was the Gold Golem because of all the gold you got from them.

6. Resident Evil

I actually had to build up the courage to play this game, because I hate Zombies. Love all other forms of things that go bump in the night, but I really hate Zombies. I played through the Gamecube version of this game, and have loved the series ever since. I still get a little jumpy when a zombie jumps out at me, but it makes it more fun to play that way. I still think Wesker is a hunk too, even with the weird powers.

7. Pikmin

I love cutesy games. I know it’s all girlie and crap to say that, but hey, I'm a chick and we love cute things. If I didn't, I'd have a snake, instead of a dustmop dog. I got this game as one of my first Gamecube games, and now I could play it forever. Pikmin is a game that you could play over and over again just to beat your high score. The pikmin are so cute, and the whole idea of the game is fun and unique. My last roommate's kid actually got me into this game. I really need to pick up the 2nd game in the series though.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

I am a huge fan of the Zelda series, but this had to be my favorite. The graphics were great for the Super Nintendo, and since I actually finished this version, I liked it even more. (Never finished the first two Zeldas.) All the different items Link got were fun to play with and beating up on the chickens until they attacked was so cool. I still remember the song that played when you used the flute to warp.

9. Warcraft 2

This was first game I ever played online with. Of course, I got my butt kicked, but it was still fun to know you were playing against a friend when they were at home at their own computer. I use to play this game on the network at school as part of the computer club's reward each week. This game started my love for RTS games, and for those lovely little orcs. I use to click on them like crazy just to hear them say stuff like "Whatchu want?", and "Hee Hee, That Tickles." I also liked clicking on the animals in the game to make them blow up. Does anyone remember the Disco song that was on the expansion disk?

10. Mortal Kombat

My mom bought me this by accident, because I really didn't like fighting games at the time, but once I sat down and starting playing it, I was bound and determined to finish it. I used Johnny Cage to finish it once, and then never made it to the end ever again. Goro was so hard to beat that I only got pass him the one time. I love the movie that was made out of this game too. I am still trying to find a copy to buy. After this game, I bought Street Fighter 2 Turbo and I've loved 2D fighting games since.


Big D said...

I would have to have Mike Tyson Punch-Out I spent endless hours trying to knock out King Hippo.

Mike said...

Have you tried Dragon Quest 8 for the PS2? If you like RPGs and Dragon Warrior, how can you go wrong? It's pretty fun.

Also, I'm shocked that the Ocarina of Time isn't your favourite Zelda, although I guess I can understand. Older games usually have a special place in my heart. Especially Link for NES. It was brilliant.

MC said...

I got that Dragon Warrior/Nintendo Power deal too.

Anonymous said...

Just to correct you, because I'm a pompus prick, the cucus never attack you in The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. They first started attacking in Ocarina of Time

Faith said...

No if you attacked them long enough they came after you in a large pack in Link to the past.

Faith said...

"A cucco is a chicken-like species, first introduced as a comic element in A Link to the Past. They are generally just used as livestock, but it doesn't seem like they are eaten like raised chickens would. Although normally docile, if a Cucco is constantly attacked it will echo out a cry and summon a flock of nearby Cuccos to relentlessly peck at the helpless attacker, making them the most dangerous enemy in the Legend of Zelda series."
Via Wikipedia

Just to correct you because I'm a bitch, but you spelled the name wrong of the chickens too, its Cuccos, not Cucus.

Anonymous said...

You got a full inventory of p-wings when you beat the game and started a new game. Reward for beating the game.

JanitorYanni said...

Im not a memeber of this site nor do i have any clue who you are but you can probobly get a copy of both the first and second mortal combat movies at walmart in the 2 for 10 bins they have i bought both there