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Jul 6, 2006

Holy Crap! I'm a busy girl

I wanted to post an early apology post before I know I start neglecting my sites.

Recently I picked up the job as the new editor/writer for a site called SugarJoy and will have to start devoted some of my blogging time to posting over there once a day.

Also, I seems I will be contributing to another site called Redassedbaboon.com as a columnist, which won't require a post a day, but it will require different posts than SugarJoy, so I will be needing to spend some time on that too.

So I apologise now if my blogs start to suffer. I try to update my girl gamer once a day and this site once every couple of days if possible, but if I neglect my sites, please just turned to the other sites for your daily dose of me.

Check out:

www.sugarjoy.com, which is now up and running with my posts.

www.redassedbaboon.com, which has one of my posts available on the main page and one review of mine too. My column is being worked on as we speak. I'll post when that is up.



the zero god said...

go faith go! try to keep in touch... :)

Protector one said...

I'm sorry to be the guy that points out typos, but you misspelled the redassedbaboon.com link (you put an extra 's' in there). Peoples won't get there now by clicky-action, and that's not good. For the sake of us baboons, could you fix it? :)

Faith said...

Sorry, I fixed the link problem.

Through that post up really quickly yesterday.

H. A. Calles said...

Congratulations Faith,

That's a whole lot of work, and I thought your site was updating so fast it was sometimes hard to follow. Now I'm oficially impressed. How many blogs do you have total? and besides that you still go and do the club thing?