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Jul 8, 2006

Got A New List For You, Gamers!

<---- THEY CAN BE HOT! (Cliffy B: Creator of UnReal Tournament)

This time around I decided to do an hot gaming industry guy list.

Now I got this idea from Will Tuttle at Gamespy.com, so if people get pissed over this, it's his fault, okay?

The way is going to work is I will take nominations over the next week.
The nominated guys can be anything as long as they are connected somehow to the gaming industry. CEOS, programmers, artists, writers, cable tv show hosts, magazine writers, etc.

Give me the nominated guy's name, company and job title. I'll get the pictures myself.

Once the week is up, we'll post the nominations and vote on them for a week.

I know this may sound weird, but if the industry to going to put chicks like Morgan Webb, and Jessica Chobot into the sex icon role, then we can put the guys in the same spot.

Look forward to hear your nominations. Thanks all!


Dexter345 said...

Matt Casamassina, Editor in Chief of IGN Wii, at IGN Entertainment.

Becky "Aktrez" Young said...

I would like to nominate Tommy Tallarico.

Not only is he a hot italian (the hottest west coast Italian in the game industry) but he has also done AMAZING work for game audio.

Check out all of his credits here: www.tallarico.com

Raychul said...

I would like to nominate Dan "Shoe" Hsu, Editor in Chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

He is a gorgeous guy, and proves that sexiness isn't just skin deep. He is also well respected in the gaming industry.

Check him out at www.egmshoe.1up.com

Anonymous said...

I nominate Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil.

He's totally awesome!

Elsa said...

David Jaffe without any doubt (creator of God of War).