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Jun 17, 2006

The Last of the Video Game Hotties

Here's the last of the nominations. No more nominations will be taken from now on.

Please head to the beginning of the nomination pictures and work your way up the screen to see them all.

Then vote on the polls at the side.

I will post the winners on Friday.

So, here's the final group of hotties:

Naked Snake - Metal Gear Series

Guybrush Threepwood - Monkey Island Series

Joachim Karel - Tomb Raider

Kurtis Trent - Tomb Raider

Max Payne - Max Payne 1&2

Serious Sam - Serious Sam Series

Hayate - Dead or Alive Series

Ryu Hayabusa - Dead or Alive Series/Ninja Gaiden

Ryu - Breath of Fire

Kilik - Soul Calibur

Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat Series

Dr. Kirk - Dino Crisis

Jin Kazama - Tekken

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