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Jun 14, 2006

Voting For the Top Ten Hottest Video Game Guys

Originally I started out to create a list of the top ten hottest video game characters of all time, but as I started to gather information for this list, I ran into some problems. At first I couldn’t think of enough guy characters to fill the list, but as I progressed further I soon found that I had more than 10 guys for the list and plus I knew there were still more characters that could be included in this list that I just couldn't think of.

So since this is a top ten list, I’ve decided to do this article two ways.
One: I plan to allow a couple of weeks for people to vote and/or nominate their favorites and Two: I plan to post a top ten list of my own favorite video game hunks.

I’ll give you a list of all the hotties I could think of, and then I’ll post a poll on the side bar that will allow you to vote for each of them.

I will reopen the polls each day to allow for extra votes.

I will leave the list up for at ONE WEEK ONLY.

So, here’s your list of memorable video game guy hotties:

Solid Snake - Metal Gear Series

Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil Series

Albert Wesker - Resident Evil Series

Chris Redfield - Resident Evil Series

Yuri - Shadow Hearts Series

Prince - Prince of Persia Series

Mario? - Super Mario Bros Series

Link - Legend of Zelda Series

Dante - Devil May Cry Series

Tidus - Final Fantasy X

Squall - Final Fantasy VIII

Cloud - Final Fantasy VII

Samanosuke - Onimusha 1 & 3

Jubei - Onimusha 2

Johnny Cage - Mortal Kombat Series

Ryu and Ken - Street Fighter Series (You'll Vote For Them Seperately)

If there are any other video game hotties you'd like to nominate, please add them in the comment field and I will make sure they will get added to the list.

Let the voting being!


Faith said...

One Vote for Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear.

One Vote for Shen Woo from King of Fighters

One Vote for Vincent Valentine from FFVII

One Vote for Sephiroth from FFVII

One Vote for Clive?

One Vote for Terry Boggard from Fatal Fury

Tomibiki said...

Shen Woo
Ky Kiske
Duo Lon

sara said...

kratos! kratos from god of war is hot!

Fraggle said...

I like the crowbar-wielding nerd look, so I'd have to say Gordon Freeman. >_>

Anonymous said...

Link, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...


k0nst4ntin3 said...

kilik from Soul Calibur series.

Anonymous said...


sobaniite said...

I nominate Jin Kazama from the Tekken series.

Red said...

Sam Fisher and Gordon Freeman for the win!

(also, what about some Carth Onasi, Atton Rand and Ky Kiske? 8D)

Strifekun said...

1 vote for Dante. XD

Jolie said...

Sephiroth, please.

Anonymous said...

My overall vote is for Albert Wesker (ohbabyYES), but I want Cid Highwind (pic from Advent Chillin'z, he looks hottest there) to be added to the list. >D

Dominochan said...

I'll throw in my vote for Billy Kane. I was gonna say Vega would be the obvious choice, but Billy gets very little attention from the mainstream fighting game community.

Billy's a veteran from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series, and while he may be considered a bad guy, he's got some good in him. Hey, even the bad boys can be sexy.


Weefz said...

Ooo, me vote for Carth Onasi as well!

Otherwise I'll have to go with the Prince. Dante is looking a liiiiittle bit too pronographic there.

Anonymous said...

why aren't these included:

Ash Williams, from the Evil Dead games ^_~

Henry from Silent Hill 4 (i don't care if you like/hate The Room, Henry is a hottie).
and if i include him, might as well add
- Harry from SH
- James SH2
- Vincent SH3 (unless you only meant playable characters)

Brinstar said...

Another vote for Solid Snake. I would also like to vote for young Revolver Ocelot from MGS4.

keikana said...

I vote for Dante, and Leon.

And would like to nominate Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear :3

Kelly said...

1 for Sephiroth
1 for Link
1 for Zidane (from FF9 ^_^)

Anonymous said...

If you're only going with 10 guys, it's not right that you have so many from FF and REsident Evil games. Spread the love around.

and come on.. Mario? Give me a break..he's not hot.. cute maybe, but not in the same calibur of hot/sexy as the other guys listed. That just doesn't make any sense.

I nominate Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell, Carth Onasi - KOTOR, and Lucas Kane - Indigo Prophecy.

Jasmine_Koran said...

Clive is from Suikodens 1 & 2


Anonymous said...


sara said...

my vote goes to sam fisher. he is the hottest old man in the world.

Anonymous said...

ohhh tough!
I vote for Link in then end! what can I say he's a childhood and teenage crush!

kimnrowdy said...

Leon. Please...

Eloriel said...

One one for Clive from Suikoden 1 and 2.
One vote for Tidus from FFX.
One vote for Zidane from FFIX.

Anonymous said...

1 for Henry from Silent Hill 4 and one for Leon