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Jan 14, 2006


Bead Sprite Commissions:

Would you like me to create a custom bead sprite just for you?

Just let me know what character or object you would like to see made into a bead sprite and I can figure out how big it will be when it is made into a bead art piece. From there, we can figure out pricing for the piece.

My prices range from $2 to $10 per piece generally. I give multiple piece discounts.

Items can be made into magnets, keychains, bag tags or anything else we can come up with, depending on the bead sprite's size.

For ideas on what I can make you, check out these websites for my previous artwork and sprite ideas:

Bead Sprite Artwork

Spriter's Resource
Video Game Sprites

Once you decide on your commission idea, please contact me at thegirlgamer.net@gmail.com

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