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May 13, 2014

TV Talk: Once Upon a Time Season Finale

Last Sunday we saw the season finale for Once Upon a Time, and I have to say that was probably the best episode throughout the entire series. We got a cool quick story of Emma Swan and Captain Hook going back to the future where Emma gets to witness her Mother and Father fall in love. Of course, not before Emma screws up the original storyline with a snap of a twig and has to come to the rescue to get those two crazy kids back together before she is never born. (Anyone else thinking plot of Back to the Future much?!)

Also the writers finally gave us the moment we have all been waiting for.... the Emma and Hook true love kiss!!!! Yay!!!! Emma finally saw that Hook really loves her after she finds out that he gave up his ship in order to get a magic bean to come back to find her in New York. How could she not fall for him after a sacrifice like that?

Of course, no ones' happy endings ever last long in Storybrook, so our few minutes of happiness is quickly destroyed after Emma, Regina and Robin Hood soon discover that the mystery woman Emma saved from the Evil Queen's executioner is none other than Marian, Robin Hood's long dead wife.  Yup, no good deed goes unpunished for Emma Swam. Regina was pretty much ready to claw Emma's eyes out right there and then, but really when you think about it - Regina's happiness with Robin was only because she killed his wife. Doubt he would love her once that little bit of info got out. Hard to keep the love mojo going after you find out your new love killed your old love during her nasty evil queen period.

Also obviously the season can't end without setting up the next big bad for the upcoming season, so we get a quick tease of the thing Emma and Hook brought through the time portal on their way back through to Storybrook from Rumple's vault. It appears to be Elsa, the Ice Queen from Frozen and if she was locked away in Rumple's vault where he only keeps the worse possible magical items that can't be a good thing. This will not be the happy, singing Elsa from the Disney flick we all know and love. Hopefully Anna isn't too far behind in order to help tame her.

Looking forward to next season. Hope all of you are too!

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