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Jul 2, 2010

Club Nintendo: Elite Member Rewards Announced

Any one who is a Nintendo fan must be a member of Club Nintendo, otherwise you are just wasting all your hardcore love for the Big N when you could be getting some love in return.

Club Nintendo is a website that rewards member with items when they enter codes found in first party Nintendo games (Nintendo Wii, Wii-ware and Nintendo DS titles) and spend time answering questionnaires about those games. From these codes and questionnaires, you will be given certain amount of coins which will built up over time and can then be used to buy rewards from the Club Nintendo store. I have personally purchased a cool Legend of Zelda poster set and am now saving up for Nintendo Hanafuda Cards.

On top of the rewards you trade in coins for, members are also given rewards for achieving either Gold or Platinum status within club year by reaching certain coin amounts (coins traded in throughout the club year still count towards the elite status total in the end).

Club Nintendo just announced the new Gold and Platinum rewards for this year and they are pretty cool. Gold members who earned 300 coins this year will be receiving a 2011 calender filled with custom Nintendo artwork. The picture seen here is artwork from last year's calender. They haven't posted the new 2011 calender artwork yet.

Platinum members who earned 600 coins this year will be receiving a Mario and friends statue which features various Super Mario Bros. characters like Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach and more.

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