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Dec 21, 2009

Presents from The Girl Gamer: Day 1

In the holiday spirit, I've decided to be holly and jolly and all that crud to my readers this year, and give away a few gifts over the next few days before the Christmas. I've been saving up a few codes I've received and plan to give them away to my readers.

The contest is simple. Answer the daily trivia question correctly and I'll pick one winner from the comment section with the correct answer to receive the daily prize.

Today I'm giving away a free code for the Beatles Rock Band Rubber Soul Album DLC on Xbox 360.

Just answer this question and you could win!

"Name the blue creatures in The Beatles Cartoon movie, Yellow Submarine."

Good luck and stay tuned for another prize tomorrow. Note: players can only win one prize. Once you win a code, please opt out of playing the contest.


Connor said...

Blue Meanies

Genny said...

The Blue Meanies

JTHomeslice said...

Blue Meanies