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Nov 19, 2009

2009 Holiday Gamer Gadget Gift Guide

DJ Hero
Activision Blizzard, Freestyle Games
Available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3

Breaking the band music game mould this holiday season is the newest game from Activision Blizzard and Freestyle Games, DJ Hero which allows players to test their scratching and mixing skills on a turntable style controller. The game has 80 exclusive, original mixes by some of the best DJs in the biz like DJ Grandmaster Flash, DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff and more. DJ Hero also sports some custom guitar riff tracks which allow players with a Guitar Hero controller to team up for a rocking DJ and guitar duet. Bring the party home this holiday season with DJ Hero.

Suggested Retail Price: $129.99

Lips: Number One Hits
Microsoft Games Studio, Inis
Available for Xbox 360

Sometimes you’ve just gotta sing your heart out and Lips: Number One Hits lets you sing to the biggest chart toppers from Coldplay to Rihanna to the Black Eyed Peas. You can sing on your own, sing a duet with your best friend or battle it out in a vocal fighters’ mode. The game comes with 40 songs to choose from but you’ll be able to purchase and download more tunes from the Lips music store or you can choose to sing karaoke to your own music sans the lyrics via freestyle mode. As a bonus feature, Lips Number One Hits comes with a microphone which is compatible with other music games. This game completes any girl’s night in and makes for a great gift for the “hard to buy for” woman.

Suggested Retail Price: $69.99

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Wii Sports Resort
Available for Nintendo Wii

With the cold weather on the way, the idea of spending time at a sunny vacation resort playing golf and zooming around on a jet ski sounds pretty darn good right about now. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the money to spend on a real vacation, so that’s where Wii Sports Resort comes in with its 12 different sports mini games, all set against a beautiful tropical island background. Packaged with the new Wii Motion Control Plus device and a Wii remote, Wii Sport Resort hosts a ton of cool activities that utilities the new 360 degree control device like archery, sword play and Frisbee. This is a perfect gift for a Nintendo Wii loving family as it features tons of multiple player activities and nets you an extra controller.

Suggest Retail Price: $59.99

Wii Fit Plus
Available for Nintendo Wii

Buying for your favourite lady can be really hard but I have the perfect gift if your girl loves fitness. Wii Fit Plus from Nintendo brings together all the wonderful elements of videogames and fitness to create an easy to understand program for players of all ages. The game features yoga and strength training programs, and a ton of fun mini games that incorporate the Wii balance board (included). The balance board also acts as a scale which is used as a tool in tracking your overall progress in the training programs. Who says you need to pay for expensive gym memberships when you can have it all in easy to use videogame? Who knows a couple months with this game and maybe your honey might be up for a game of Wii Sports or even Super Mario Galaxy?

Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

Buzz Quiz World
SCEA, Magenta Software
Available for Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable

The ninth Buzz! game, Buzz! Quiz World is here just in time for the holiday season. Your favourite Muppet like host Buzz is back to toss pies, dip you in goo and throw rounds and rounds of trivia your way. There are new characters like the sexy nurse and evil old timey villain and new round types like Over the Edge, Boiling Point and On the Spot. Up to 8 players (bundle comes with 4 buzzers) can play together online or locally in various modes of game like Round select or Crazy Rounds and players can create their own custom trivia questions for other to play. Overall, this makes a great game to play at parties or even on a quiet night in between you and your sweetie.

Suggested Retail Price for Bundle: $59.99

PSPgo Handheld System
Sony Computer Entertainment

Handheld gaming has become a huge market since cellphone companies and MP3 companies jumped into the fray with their easy to download app games. When it comes down to the best in gaming though, cellphone and MP3 devices will only provide you with the most sub-par games available which is why it’s better to go to the experts for your gaming and multiple device needs. Sony has recently released a smaller and simpler version of their Playstation Portable, the PSPgo which removes the old UMD system for an easier game download system and incorporates the ability to play music, videos and other downloadable media with ease.

It sports a 16GB internal drive which is expandable with a memory stick micro card. The 3.8 screen is only slightly smaller than the original PSP but the control area is now hidden under the screen and easily flips down for access. For the gamer on the go, this makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Suggested Retail Price: $249.99

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