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Oct 26, 2009

Top Ten Hottest Videogame Guys of 2009

1. Nathan Drake - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan Drake is like the male version of Lara Croft but without the exaggerated features and its about time, we, gamer girls got our own hunky tomb raider. Honestly I think anyone could see why I would want to watch Nathan's butt swing from ledge to ledge for hours, but if add in his sexy voice, daring adventures and too close for comfort movements with his female companions, then its completely obvious why Nathan is the prime choice for my number one hottie.

2. Sergeant John Forge - Halo Wars

Halo Wars was the first Halo game I actually played and watching cut-scenes with the hunky Sgt. John Forge in them really helped me love this game. Not only is he a sexy military man in body armor but he also saves the girl and gives the ultimate sacrifice. You can't get much more hot and heroic than that.

3. Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck - Halo 3: ODST

The men of Halo are hot this year. Gunnery Sgt. Edward Buck didn't just steal the heart of Dare, he also stole my heart and probably the heart of a lot of female Halo fans. Voiced by sexy FireFly star, Nathan Fillion, Buck is another military man in body armor that gives Master Chief a run for his money.

4. Batman - Batman: Arkham Asylum and DC vs Mortal Kombat

Do I really need to explain this one? Men in capes and tights are hot. Batman is my personal fav in the super hero realm and after an amazing appearance in Arkham Asylum, he just had to my list. Honorable mention to Commissioner Gordon - he is looking hot for an old guy.

5. Albert Wesker - Resident Evil 5

What can I say - I love a bad boy. Wesker has always made me tingle since I first saw and heard him in Resident Evil: Code Veronica and his appearance in Resident Evil 5 still makes me love him despite his tentacle problem. Wesker just needs a little love and perhaps a woman with a whip to put him in line. I'm totally up for that.

6. Vin Diesel - Wheelman and Chronicle of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

I love it when real hotties are in videogames like Vin Diesel. Vin had two appearances this year in Wheelman and Chronicles of Riddick and he is totally hot in digital form. Too bad the games weren't. I'd rather have Vin the flesh but playing with his digital copy is nice too. Run for me, baby.

7. Matt Hazzard - Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard

Another newbie to the list though the game developers like to have to believe otherwise, Matt Hazzard is another hottie that the ladies love to love. This cute has a great sense of humor and a good knowledge of videogame history. What more does a gamer girl need?

8. Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield is a veteran hottie but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few new tricks up his sleeve. Chris came out in Resident Evil 5 this year with a whole new look and while I wasn't keen on the roid physical, the sexy face of Chris was still there. Plus once you mow down hordes of zombies with a guy, you just can't help but keep on loving him.

9. Guybrush Threepwood - Tales of Monkey Island and Secret of Monkey Island: SE

If there ever was a pirate with a heart that could out do Will Turner, it would be the original - Guybrush Threepwood. Quick witted and skilled with a bag of items, Guybrush won over the heart of a Governor and he has won over the heart of this girl gamer over and over again.

10. All the Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters: the Videogame

What can I say? I love geeks and the uniforms are just so hot. "Bust'n makes me feel good"

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