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Aug 4, 2009

Hi Silicon Knights!

For those coming from the Silicon Knights Forums:

Sorry I didn't review Too Human sooner but I have a bad habit of not wanting to review the games I really love playing. Much like Fable 2 which I still haven't reviewed and yet I am still currently playing, I feel if I review it, then I have to stop playing it and move onto the next game.

I know its a horrible excuse but its my excuse.

I'm glad you all liked my review enough to talk about it though and I really do think that the other reviewers that gave it low reviews didn't give this game a fair chance.

I am mad that Dennis doesn't remember me though. Geez, you do a TV show with a guy and he can't even remember your name.


Denis Dyack said...

Hi there,

Why did you think I don't remember you. I do and the show of course :).

Thanks for the kind words!


Chris said...

hah! It must have been your slick Wii skills that he remembered? :p