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Jun 2, 2009

E3 2009: New PSPgo Revealed

Sony announced the brand new PSPgo during their press conference today - a device that was leaked only a few days ago on the internet.

This smaller PSP model will be available in North America for $249CAN on October 1, 2009. Unlike the bigger PSP, this version will not use UMD discs for game play but instead download all software directly to the device. The PSPgo has replaced the UMD with 16MB of internal flash memory so users can download content directly from the Playstation Network.

The PSPgo will come bundled with Media Go which will allow users to easily sync their device with their PC and download content from the Playstation Network.

Other features for the PSPgo include:
- Easy Sliding Display Panel and Original Applications
- PSPgo offers a variety of exciting entertainment options by taking advantage of the sliding panel. When the panel is open, users will be able to enjoy various entertainment content with the familiar button control as PSP-3000, when closed, original applications for PSPgo, such as a clock and calendar is displayed on the screen. Users can also enjoy video and music when the panel is closed.
- Game sleep function
- PSPgo has unique features such as game sleep function which enables users to operate XMB (XrossMediaBar) while pausing gameplay temporarily.
- Bluetooth function will also allow users to connect Bluetooth standard peripherals such as head-phones and head-set *5 as well as PS3 wireless controller to be used when watching video content on TVs via PSP at home

Click the pictures for the full stats on the PSP Go.

Check out Sony's demostation of the new PSP Go.

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