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Feb 15, 2009

Best of the Videogame Custom Toys: Part 2

Custom Captain Olimar Dunny by monstafaktory, found via Toy Cutter.

Master (Mister?) Chief Munny created by Bpytam, found via Flickr

Zangief from Street Fighter II and King Boo Munny created by Miss shelby, found via Miss Shelby.net

Pac Man Munny and Dunnies created by WuzOne, found via Tomopop.

Bioshock's Big Daddy as a Dunny by Shauni55, found via Toy Cutter.

Vault Boy Mini Munny created by Chris Furniss, found via Flickr

Bomberman, Bonk from Bonk's Adventures and Mega Man Munnies, all created by Albert Art and found via Albert Art.net

Dig Dug Dunnys by Ryan Crippen found via ToyCutter.

Umbrella Corporation Munny created by Grim Santo found via Flickr

Faith from Mirror's Edge as a Munny by Urban1221 posted at the Kid Robot Site.

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