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Nov 15, 2008

Cliffy vs Peter vs Dennis: A Look at Internet Bullsh*t

Since mid-summer the internet has been full of interviews from famous game developers like Dennis Dyack, Peter Molyneux and Cliffy Bleszinski, all because they had epic games coming to the market.

What made these three game personalities stand out from all the rest is the fact that they all apparently put their foot in their mouth during an interview or on a forum at one point or another which stood out enough to warrant an article or two about it.

What I find funny though is that when the first two names on my list made their comments, they were practically burned at the stake by the fanboys and the internet trolls, but when Cliff Bleszinski made his comments his fans were right there to defend him. Today I read an article that called Cliffy B out for his apparent arrogant comments in recent interviews and the same type of people that ripped Peter and Dennis apart, defended him to their last breath with a barrage of either valid points or just a mixture of text and swear words.

My favorite comments where from the people who claimed he was just very passionate about his games and advised the writer that he should shut up because he never created a million dollar videogame and therefore knew nothing about videogames.

Guess what? Based on those defense statements both Dennis and Peter are off the hook too for their past internet hate creating comments too.

I'm not saying that any one of these game developers were right or wrong in what they said, that's not the point here. What I am saying is that fanboys will always defend based on their love of the game and not what is really said by the person in question.

If Too Human sold as many copies as Gears of War 2 did in the first day, I'm sure the internet would hold less articles and blog posts ripping Silicon Knights, Too Human and Dennis apart.

If Fable turned out to be the role-playing game that we all wanted it to be, I'm pretty sure PS3 fanboys would be Xbox 360 fanboys and drooling at the idea of Fable 2, instead of freaking out about Peter's love for Xbox Live and demanding his first born's blood.

I have my own opinions about each of these personalities and their comments but what kills me most about all of this, is that one person can be called "passionate about gaming" and another "a douchebag" when they both said something arrogant about their game or someone else's gaming product. Only diff: A successful game on the market at the time.

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